This heavy duty planter is a preferred choice by traditional homebuilders or commercial property owners due to the style and available sizes. The Italian style flutes along the sides and egg pattern along the rim reminisce to a time of cultural beauty and simplicity. The larger sizes can be used in perimeter security and offer the plantable room for trees and large shrubs.



Item# OD/W Top ID Ht. Base Wt.
JCS-86302 17″ 13″ 15″ 11″ 69 lbs
JCS-86120 24” 18.5″ 19.5” 16” 104 lbs
JCS-86121 32” 24.5″ 26” 20” 245 lbs
JCS-86122 40” 31.5″ 32” 24” 491 lbs