Our company and our planters are strong to the finish.


Our company and our planters are strong to the finish.

All pricing is quoted in U.S. Dollars, all products are FOB Dallas TX. Prices include packing supplies and standard crating. Specialized crating, especially for custom items, may incur an additional charge. Please take care to select the proper finish (natural or finished) and color (grey cement or one of our many integral colors) and select a sealer option to ensure that you understand pricing. If you are in the Trade or wish to be set up as a Stocking Dealer, please contact Jackson Pottery, Inc. for wholesale pricing. Please note that all former part numbers and finishes have changed as of June 1, 2019. Prices are subject to change without notice. Jackson Cast Stone sold by 3rd party customers (stocking dealers, distributors, websites, or trade professionals) may have different pricing than what is indicated on this website.


A minimum deposit of 50% (Wholesale) is required to initiate the production of an order. DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE. Payment indicates acceptance of the Jackson Pottery, Inc. Business Terms and Conditions. Any remaining balance, including freight and handling, is due prior to shipment of product.


Quotations will be honored only when quoted by Jackson Pottery, Inc. in writing. No agent or representative is authorized to change prices, terms or conditions of sale without the consent of Jackson Pottery, Inc. Quotations are for a period not to exceed 30 days unless otherwise noted on the quote itself, or extended in writing.


Seller’s prices do not include sales, use, and excise or similar taxes. Accordingly, Buyer shall in addition to prices specified by Seller, pay any sales, use, excise or similar tax attributable to the sale of goods covered hereby, or, in lieu thereof, provide Seller with tax exemption certificates acceptable to the taxing authorities.


Jackson Pottery, Inc. offers customization for Jackson Cast Stone products subject to approval from our team. We offer customization design for projects involving quantity orders of six (6) or more units. Standard lead times for production do not apply for custom work and a mold upcharge may be applied to custom orders. Jackson Pottery reserves the right to retain the custom mold and reproduce the item unless special instruction is given by the customer. If a client requires exclusivity in regard to custom design, an additional charge may be required. Email us at sales@jacksoncaststone.com to inquire about your next custom project.


Buyer may request additions or modifications to either their standard or custom order. Jackson Pottery shall have the absolute right to accept changes, revise the prices, dates of delivery, and to add charges for work and materials rendered necessary by such additions or modifications. We do not allow changes on finished goods.


Buyer’s acceptance is sealed upon deposit against quotation or order. Both standard and custom orders are subject to acceptance by Jackson Pottery, Inc. under the Terms and Conditions herein, in addition to the published price list and acknowledgements. These terms and conditions will prevail when in conflict with the terms and conditions of the Buyer’s purchase order contract.


Orders accepted by Jackson Pottery, Inc for Jackson Cast Stone products may be canceled by the Buyer only upon written consent of Jackson Pottery, Inc. If such written approval is given, Jackson Pottery, Inc. shall retain Buyer’s deposit and Buyer shall, if such cancellation is made within 2 weeks of the scheduled shipment date, make payment to Jackson Pottery, Inc. for the balance due for products ordered.


No returns will be accepted without the written authorization by Jackson Pottery, Inc. We make your items to order, so no unauthorized returns will be accepted. Buyer is responsible for return freight in the rare case that a return is authorized. All goods to be received in original condition by Jackson Pottery, Inc.


Jackson Pottery, Inc. sells our Jackson Cast Stone and other products through a variety of sales channels including but not limited to this website, our dealer and distributor networks, landscape architects, and those in the design or commercial building profession. Jackson Pottery Inc. is not engaged in the price monitoring of these customers and does not seek to compete with them by matching another wholesale customer price. Whenever possible, we prefer that the end user (the retail customer) purchase through one of our B2B partners. We do not allow retail/end users to pick up from our location and encourage them to contact a dealer in their area.


Each Jackson Cast Stone item is produced to order. Due to the high demand of our items, we are seldom creating excess stock items. As each order is produced, production time fluctuates with order volume. Generally, orders are shipped within 6-8 weeks of the order date (deposit receipt), with shipping time accounted for within the coastal US. Products to be exported outside of the US are subject to longer shipping times.


Jackson Cast Stone products are made to order and our space is limited. We understand that sometimes projects get behind and, unlike our competitors, we offer a 30 day grace period. A storage fee will be charged for completed orders when the shipment is delayed at the Buyer’s request more than 30 days after the original indicated ship date. This may include purposeful delay of final payment by Buyer to delay shipment of product that they are not prepared to accept. If the Buyer cannot accept delivery when the product is ready for shipment, Jackson Pottery, Inc. will bill Buyer $10.00 per unit stored per day, based on 7-days per week. Should shipment be delayed in excess of 90 days beyond original estimated ship date (or finished goods date), Jackson Pottery, Inc. reserves the right to cancel items without refunding Buyer’s deposit or payment.


Jackson Pottery, Inc. will make every effort to accommodate requested shipping and delivery dates, but we are unable to control exact delivery windows/days, as we ship our orders to 3rd Party Freight. Orders are subject to delay of delivery due to strikes or other labor difficulties, failure or delay of source of supply, transportation difficulties, riot, fire, accident, and compliance with government regulations, Acts of God, or other causes beyond our control.

When a physical delivery address is given to Jackson Pottery, Inc., by the Buyer or a Representative of the Buyer (including on-site Contractors), it is the Buyer’s responsibility to disclose any provisions or limitations for delivering to that site. These include, but are not limited to seasonal closures, windy or narrow roads, hard to reach locations, road closures, or height limitations for large vehicles. All freight deliveries are scheduled through 3rd party Freight Carriers and delivered via 18-wheeler tractor trailer trucks. If Buyer is requiring Lift Gate Service, they must let us know IN ADVANCE of freight estimate. Additional charges will apply.

If a “residential” or “limited access” delivery is needed, via a smaller box truck, Buyer is responsible for disclosing that request at the time the physical address is given for delivery. Furthermore, any costs incurred from having to re-route the delivery truck, including waiting beyond 1 hour for off-loading, will be billed directly back to the Buyer.


Once final payment has been received, a Jackson Pottery, Inc. representative will contact Buyer to confirm shipping, shipment date, and coordinate shipping unless Buyer uses a preferred Freight Forwarder and account. Jackson Pottery, Inc. provides this coordination as an accommodation only to the Buyer. All freight is shipped via 3rd Party Freight Carrier, so once the product is loaded, it is the Buyer’s responsibility for additional delivery specifics to be made, directly with the 3rd Party Freight Carrier. Choice of carrier and shipping method and route shall be at the election of Jackson Pottery, who will provide tracking information when available.


If the Buyer specifically designates the shipping company, the Buyer shall make arrangements for pickup, shall be responsible for all fees to the carrier, and shall make any and all freight claims directly with the carrier that that Buyer has selected. If the Buyer specifically designates a carrier and organizes the shipping, the title to the product is passed to the Buyer and Jackson Pottery’s responsibility terminates. Jackson Pottery, Inc. will not accept any claims for freight, warehousing or installation damage, including any incidental or consequential damages.


Jackson Pottery, Inc. does not export our products directly outside the United States. Jackson Cast Stone can be shipped to a domestic freight forwarder of the Buyer’s choosing.


In most cases, Jackson Pottery will be selecting the appropriate carrier for the goods and coordinating the freight to its final location. Jackson Pottery carefully inspects items prior to secure packing. Buyer must notify Jackson Pottery, Inc (if Jackson Pottery arranged the freight) or 3rd Party freight carrier (if Buyer arranged freight) immediately if damages occur.

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to review all units shipped at time of delivery and in the presence of the delivery driver before or during off-loading. Photos of damaged items must be taken while the object is still attached to the pallet in order to be considered as valid evidence of mishandling by the carrier or as a consequence of inadequate packing by Jackson Pottery. Failure to make such claims shall constitute acceptance of the merchandise and waiver any defects, errors or shortages.


Due to size and weight of planters, great care should be taken in moving, transporting, and installation. Planters should be kept in an upright position and are best transported using wood pallets with pallet jacks, a forklift, or other commercial equipment. Extreme care should be taken to protect planter bases, edges and rims from chipping with use of protective cushioning or moving blankets. Buyer shall be solely responsible for the installation and operation of the goods covered hereby, including with limitation the obtaining of all permits, licenses, or certificates required for the installation of such goods.