Victory is at hand. The tall, undeterred frame of the Vaso Planter makes it an architect’s delight. Highly plantable larger sizes are perfect for housing trees or nurturing cascading vines. Bite size versions available for residential and small scale developments. Flank them along doorways or use them as visual barricades along walkways and grand entrances. Single, centralized drain hole on bottom. Showcase a grouping of three separate sizes or together with the Strobile planter for a consistently beautifying design.


Item# OD/W Top ID Ht. Base Wt.
JCS-86404 20″ 16.5″ 20″ 13.75″ 127 lbs
JCS-86405 26” 22″ 26” 16” 226 lbs
JCS-86406 34” 29″ 34” 20.5” 309 lbs
JCS-86647 44” 38″ 45” 27” 1,301 lbs