Don’t overlook the importance of the first impression your workplace gives off to visitors and clients.

A business’ image is based on many things. Obviously, good branding, clean business cards, a nice website, your social media presence, and the professionalism of your staff all play a huge part in how you’re perceived. But have you considered whether the appearance of your workplace conveys the same message of professionalism and attention-to-detail that your work ethic does? Your place of business is basically the face of your brand and if it is bleak or lacks attention, what will that say about how much care you put into conducting business?

Some say it takes just 7 seconds to make a first impression and, just like first impressions with people, your place of business should be treated the same. Your front entrance is often times the first stop in “welcoming” visitors and you want that welcome to be inviting, well-maintained, and have that wow factor! Their initial impression should be one that conveys customers can trust you with their needs because your place of business exudes professionalism, care, and attention to detail . Studies show that how much we care about our image, through personal appearance and setting, can also transfer to how we care about our customers and handling our business.

Imagine your front entry decorated with planters filled with cheerful flora and color to greet your new and existing customers! Jackson Cast Stone planters exude a natural stone feel and come in ten different colors to compliment your exterior and interior color schemes. By ordering a variety, you will be assured a congruous, complimentary arrangement perfect to adorn each side of your entryway or your waiting room. We make it easy to shop by types, shape or style!

Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing in any space but they have been proven to improve mood and health. It has also been found that the color green and the presence of living plants, can evoke a calming sensation, compassion for others, excitement and optimism. Statistics show the key to achieving customer happiness is focusing on employee happiness first. Did you know that indoor plants have been proven to improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels and boost your mood? What are you waiting for? Order your Jackson Cast Stone planters today!