There are so many choices when deciding where to shop for your goods and services; with e-commerce (online shopping), retail chains, and local small businesses, the options can become overwhelming.

When choosing who you do business with, keep in mind that every time you purchase from a company that makes their products here in the United States, you are not only contributing to boosting American businesses but also creating more jobs.


When you do business with American companies, it is more likely that your customer service needs will be met with much more efficiency since they are local. That shipping of products will be more streamlined and expedient.


Made in the USA is a great stamp to see on any product but what’s even better is when it’s a family-owned business. Family-run businesses have a more personal investment in their reputation because, well, it’s just more personal. The level of integrity increases when the buck stops with the family, which means a lot more care will likely be put into how they prioritize their customers. Often times this personal attention spills out over their employees as well, who feel like a part of an extended family, which hopefully instills more passion in what they do.


Here are a few more factors to take into consideration. Generally, family-owned businesses are more affordable than hiring corporate as corporations have larger marketing budgets. Therefore, they can afford to chase larger clients. Family-owned businesses are usually more flexible simply because they choose to be and aren’t bound by corporate rules. Often times you will receive a more personal experience with family-owned businesses as they take extra care to nurture the trust in building long-term customer relationships.


We are all seeking the best price, finest quality, and exceptional service ~ in this competitive market; support your family-owned American-made businesses!