So you’ve ordered one of our premier cast stone planters! You’ve filled it with beautiful flora and blooms and it looks AMAZING! But between planting and moving the planter to its perfect spot, it’s left with dirt smears and fingerprints. No worries! Our planters can be easily cleaned and looking like new with a few easy steps.


If you’ve ordered a natural planter, without a sealer, all you’ll need is a fine-grain piece of sandpaper. Lightly sand, in a back and forth motion, where the dirt or stains are. You can use either a wet piece of sandpaper or dry, either way, the sandpaper will not compromise the integrity of the planter and the marks will easily come off within seconds.


Sealers are a great way to protect and enhance your planter. Depending on your location and environmental factors, you can expect typical buildup of dirt and dust over time. If you elected to seal your planter, our method of cleaning is a little different. Sealers will help to minimize cleaning efforts and will also protect the surface from stains and abrasions. IF you find dirt smears, you can use a soft cloth, dampened with water, to remove any dirt or marks. If a little extra is needed, a mild soap should do the trick.


Our main priority is craftsmanship and attention to detail that will exceed your expectations. With these easy steps your planter will be back to looking like new and serve you for years to come! Enjoy and thank you for trusting us for your planter needs!