Do you have our products in your landscaping? Are you wondering how to protect them or ensure the quality lasts? Sealing natural cast stone helps to preserve the stone’s aesthetic qualities and may stave off problems such as efflorescence, etching from acid rain and UV damage. Exterior sealants also protect the stone against damage caused by water infiltration.

For a small upcharge, you can protect and enhance the planter surface by choosing to add sealer. Depending on location and environmental factors, you can expect typical buildup of dirt and dust over time. Sealers will both help to minimize cleaning efforts and can protect the surface from stains and abrasions. Sealers will also help minimize the chance of efflorescence in darker colors. We offer both matte and glossy sealers. Please note, the addition of sealers will change the overall product look and color. Matte sealer will slightly darken the product, while the glossy sealer will drastically enhance and darken the product. Beyond the practical reasons, adding sealer is a matter of aesthetics and personal preference. If you prefer the natural “raw” look of cast stone, we recommend not adding sealer.

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