A brand is defined by the customer’s experience, a customer’s experience is delivered by the employees. We love working with good people and have spent the last 30+ years building relationships with our customers.

Craftsmanship, with attention to detail that will exceed our customer’s expectations, is what we strive for every day. However, it’s not ONLY about providing an amazing product. We place great emphasis on our client’s personal experience and our team’s relationship with each client.

A good customer relationship will improve the design process exponentially by creating an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. This is essential to our mission. Developing a positive and cheerful relationship with every client is what helps us to successfully work with them in bringing their unique ideas to life and delivering the perfect hand-crafted cast stone products that fit their vision.

Our passion and purpose encourage us every day to embrace an open, communicative relationship with each and every customer while fulfilling their aesthetic needs at the same time. We strive to be approachable and diligent communicators while establishing the goals of each project; listening to questions and concerns and ensuring we’ve reached a common ground before moving forward. We continue to communicate with our customers in a timely and understanding fashion until the project is complete. Customer satisfaction is our goal!

It would not be possible for us to provide the “Best in Class” planters without the help of our valued customers, our dedicated team members and the innovative ideas behind our products. Our clients are our priority, and we look forward to working on YOUR next landscape design project!