We pour our full effort into every design and casting. Our passion and our purpose is to help you win by providing “Best in Class” concrete planters for your landscape designs. How do we get there? The beginning with picking out color, finishes, and sealer types for each one of our products.

We proudly offer 10 everyday colors: Grey, Cocoa, Graphite, Limestone, Conifer Green, Desert Rose, Sandstone, Terracotta, Aqua Green, and Blue Mist. With integrally colored concrete, the entire batch of concrete is colored all the way through, similar to adding food coloring to cake icing. We use powdered form integral color that is derived from natural iron-oxide pigments. The palette for integral pigments consists primarily of soft earth tones that integrate well with most landscapes and architectural elements. Unlike topical stains, the chief advantage of integral pigments is that the color extends throughout the entire planter, so even if surface abrasion occurs, the color will not wear away. The pigments in integral colors are also chemically stable and won’t fade over time from exposure to the weather or ultraviolet light.

We offer 2 finish types, natural and smooth. The natural finish is just that, a lightly sanded surface with some occasional minor pitting and air bubbles. Intended to celebrate the natural raw look of stone, natural is our preferred finish. Minor pitting from air pockets is a normal part of cast stone manufacturing. We take the utmost care in our casting process to minimize surface pitting. Natural finish surfaces can range from piece to piece. For those wanting a more refined look, the smooth finish is offered at a 25% upcharge. We patch any air bubbles and blend the surface area to produce a smooth surface finish. Especially in darker colors, occasional color differences may occur to patched areas. Sealers may enhance these differences. Please contact us for more information on finish differences.

You can protect and enhance the planter surface by choosing to add sealer. Depending on location and environmental factors, you can expect typical buildup of dirt and dust over time. Sealers will both help to minimize cleaning efforts and can protect the surface from stains and abrasions. Sealers will also help minimize the chance of efflorescence in darker colors. We offer both matte and glossy sealers. Please note, the addition of sealers will change the overall product look and color. Matte sealer will slightly darken the product, while the glossy sealer will drastically enhance and darken the product. Beyond the practical reasons, adding sealer is a matter of aesthetics and personal preference.