September 2021

What JCS products can do for your business?


Don’t overlook the importance of the first impression your workplace gives off to visitors and clients. A business’ image is based on many things. Obviously, good branding, clean business cards, a nice website, your social media presence, and the professionalism of your staff all play a huge part in how you’re perceived.

What JCS products can do for your business?2021-09-07T12:07:08-05:00

What Do Sealers Do?


Do you have our products in your landscaping? Are you wondering how to protect them or ensure the quality lasts? Sealing natural cast stone helps to preserve the stone's aesthetic qualities and may stave off problems such as efflorescence, etching from acid rain and UV damage. Exterior sealants also protect the stone against damage caused by water infiltration. For a small upcharge, you can protect

What Do Sealers Do?2021-09-01T08:25:21-05:00
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